How Do You Take Care of a Pet Rabbit?


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Taking care of a domestic rabbit starts with knowing that the safest place for them is the indoors. Unlike wild rabbits, domestic rabbits do not have the endurance to withstand harsh temperature extremes and are always at a risk for predators, even while inside a cage.

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The next thing to consider is whether or not to keep a domestic rabbit in a cage or not. Much like cats, you can train rabbits to use a litter box and allow them to roam in the house, as long as you bunny-proof your house first. If you wish to keep rabbits inside of a cage, keep in mind that they need a lot of room to roam around, at least five times the size of the rabbit.

Rabbits have very complex digestive systems and require proper care and nutrition to remain healthy. Specifically, rabbits need Timothy grass hay, which aids in their digestion and adds much needed fiber to their diet. You should also provide plenty of vegetables in the forms of dark, leafy greens such as collard greens and dandelion greens. Feeding a rabbit pellets is fine, as long as it is a supplement and not the main part of a rabbit's diet. Additionally, chewing is part of a rabbit's nature, so make sure they have something to chew on, such as untreated willow wood blocks.

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