How Do You Care for a Parrotlet?

How Do You Care for a Parrotlet?

When caring for a parrotlet, it's important to make sure it spends time out of the cage each day. It should also eat a healthful diet, and the cage should be large, spacious and contain enough toys to keep it happy.

Caring for a parrotlet is a 20 to 30 year commitment. These small, beautiful birds depend on their owners for virtually everything, and they are very loving towards their owners.

Parrotlets eat a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and seed mixes. It is recommended that owners feed them a cocktail with sunflower seeds mixed in. Parrotlets have a big appetite, and they can eat 1 cup of seed mix every day.

Parrotlets are happiest in large cages that are around 30 inches wide by 18 inches high. However, owners can also put them in a slightly smaller cage without compromising their well-being. It is best to place the cage in a room that is slightly noisy and very active, since parrotlets are social creatures and love to interact with humans.

These birds should have their nails and feathers trimmed by a professional as needed. Misting them with water several times a week serves as their bath and will help keep them healthy.