How Do You Take Care of a Parakeet?


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To take care of a parakeet, select the proper cage, choose the correct diet, bathe the bird regularly, and maintain its general health. It is also important to interact with the bird often.

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When selecting the proper cage for a parakeet, be sure it measures no smaller than 18 by 18 by 24 inches with bars that are closer than one-half inch. Larger cages allow for flying and additional exercise capabilities. Accesorize the cage with several toys of various textures, colors and sizes. Include a variety of perches and bars to allow the parakeet to keep active and exercise while locked inside. Change the cage bottom papers often, and clear the cage of any dirt or leftover food to avoid the parakeet from getting sick. Feed the parakeet a variety of seeds, grains and legumes, and provide fresh water at least once a day.

To bathe the parakeet, use a spray bottle, or place a bowl of water into the cage. Some parakeets prefer to crawl around in a bowl full of water and green leaves or parsley. Take the parakeet to visit an avian veterinarian at least once a year for a check up. If the parakeet has changes in its appearance or experiences abnormal waste droppings or changes in behavior, ask a veterinary professional for advice. Healthy parakeets enjoy human interaction and have the ability to learn a very large vocabulary.

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