How Do You Care for a Panther Gecko?


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Caring for a panther gecko involves providing the right lighting, accommodations and diet. A 10-gallon tank, substrate or carpet and a humidity hide box are needed to do this.

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  1. Set up a tank

    Set up a habitat using a 10-gallon tank. Layer the bottom of the tank with dirt and bark chips or carpet. Place a humidity hide box in the tank, which keeps the climate nice and humid.

  2. Provide lighting

    Purchase and install some heat lights on the tank that are focused on the basking area. The temperature needs to reach at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Two types of heat lights are needed for this. During the day, use white light bulbs, and during the night, use blue light bulbs. This animal generally does not require ultraviolet light unless it starts to get sluggish.

  3. Feed it the right food

    Provide the panther gecko with the right kind of food, which largely includes insects. This lizard is not picky about what kind of insects it gets. Crickets are a convenient choice, as are beetles, mealworms and superworms. Use insects that are not too big for the gecko to eat. Make sure to get calcium-covered insects so that the gecko gets plenty of nutrients.

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