How Do You Care for a Newborn Baby Bunny?

How Do You Care for a Newborn Baby Bunny?

Baby bunnies require a nest area that can be made using clean towels and a box. A folded towel on bottom with one bunched on top, gives the bunny a place to snuggle. Partially cover the box with a soft towel, leaving space so the bunny can breathe.

It is very important to keep newborn rabbits warm. Place the box in a location that has a temperature between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Extra heat should be provided if the room is cooler. Place a heating pad set to low underneath half the box. Check for dehydration by pinching the skin at the nape of the neck. If it stays in a tent shape, the bunny is dehydrated.

Newborn rabbits require a high caloric milk and can be fed goat milk or Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) that can be purchased at a pet store. One tablespoon of heavy cream can be added to a can of KMR for richer milk. Baby rabbits should not be fed more than twice a day. Baby rabbits feed by lying on their backs. Loosely wrap the rabbit in a soft towel and hold it on your lap or the crook of your arm. The baby should be allowed to feed at its own pace, and liquid should never be fed too quickly, as this can cause suffocation.

Stools should be soft and greenish yellow in color. Brown or gritty stools constitute a medical emergency that requires a vet’s attention.

A rabbit opens its eyes when it is around 10 days old. Hay and pellets can be fed at this point. Water should be provided in a shallow dish.