How Do You Care for Miniature Pit Bull Puppies?


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Caring for a miniature or pocket pit bull requires providing exercise, adequate supervision, socialization and training. This breed is not recommended for apartment dwellers, as these dogs are active and athletic. Channeling a puppy’s excess energy through daily exercise helps to curb unwanted and destructive behavior such as barking and aggression toward people or animals. Pocket pit bulls tend to gain weight easily and are prone to obesity and joint problems, so exercise is essential to maintaining good health.

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Minature pit bulls are a hybrid mix between pit bulls and the Patterdale terrier. Because they are a mixed breed, their temperaments may be unstable and uncertain and may vary from puppy to puppy. Some dogs can be strong-willed and stubborn. All require a trainer with a firm, confident hand who has knowledge about the breed and its requirements.

Mini pit bulls have a high prey drive. A growing puppy must be carefully supervised around other small animals and should not be left alone with them. Early socialization and training with positive reinforcement is essential in helping to curb aggression.

Miniature pit bulls are loyal and courageous and make good watch dogs. They can also be wary of strangers. Puppy owners should be careful when introducing the puppy to other dogs that are dominant or unstable. Because they are intelligent, mini pit bulls require activities that keep their minds occupied. Agility and athletic games help in bonding and in curbing boredom that can lead to unwanted behavior.

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