How Do You Care for a Mini Schnauzer Puppy?


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To care for a miniature schnauzer puppy, provide it with high quality food several times a day and fresh, clean water all day. Work with your veterinarian to develop an appropriate vaccination schedule to keep your puppy healthy.

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How Do You Care for a Mini Schnauzer Puppy?
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Puppies also need training. Positive methods are usually best for miniature schnauzers, because they are a friendly breed and eager to please. Young puppies need to be either supervised closely or confined to a small space until they are housebroken. They can be given a little bit more freedom when housebroken, but they should still be supervised fairly well because their curious natures can cause them to get into dangerous situations.

If possible, puppies should be fed the same food they ate at their breeder's home for at least a week. This helps prevent an upset stomach. They should be fed three times a day at first, then can be fed twice a day after they reach about 6 months of age.

Miniature schnauzers do well in puppy classes to help them learn obedience commands and to socialize them with other puppies. They do need regular grooming and can be bathed periodically, but too much bathing can irritate their sensitive skin. Many schnauzer owners take their dogs to professional groomers for clipping to help minimize grooming requirements, but this should not be done until the puppy is fully vaccinated.

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