How Do You Care for a Marbled Gecko?

care-marbled-gecko Credit: GARY LEWIS/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Caring for a marbled gecko involves feeding it an appropriate diet, preparing a proper enclosure and ensuring that temperature is kept within an optimal range. Marbled geckos, which are a nocturnal lizard, eat a diet of small insects like crickets and silkworms. Adult marbled geckos can eat small mice, and they also enjoy mashed fruit.

Marbled geckos should not be fed insects caught outside, which may have diseases or may be contaminated with pesticides. They should be provided with plenty of clean water.

An aquarium of about 20 gallons makes a sufficient enclosure for a marbled gecko. The bottom should be filled with peat moss or newspaper. The gecko should be provided with branches for climbing and areas for hiding. During the day, the temperature should be kept around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Nighttime temperatures should not drop below 70 degrees Farenheit. Humidity should be kept around 75 percent.

Marbled geckos should not be handled because they are prone to stress and may bite. Marbled geckos typically are brown with stripes of brown, black and white. Males are usually bigger and have a longer nose than females. They are native to Australia and are often found in old, knotty trees.