How Do You Care for a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach?


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Taking care of Madagascar hissing cockroaches involves feeding them properly, providing adequate water and keeping them housed in an appropriate environment. A 15-gallon tank should be adequate to house several roaches. They should be given aspen wood shavings as substrate. If a different wood choice is needed, About.com recommends avoiding cedar or pine. Madagascar hissing cockroaches should be kept in an area that is slightly above standard room temperature.

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The optimal diet for a Madagascar hissing cockroach consists primarily of fruits, vegetables and dog food. The best vegetables are romaine lettuces and similar green, leafy vegetables, but head lettuce should be avoided. Carrots, oranges, apples, bananas, tomatoes, celery, squash, peas and pea pods are other examples of good diet components. Uneaten food should be regularly removed to prevent spoilage. Water should be provided in a shallow dish, and cotton or another absorbent material should be placed in the dish to safeguard the roaches from drowning.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches make good pets for beginners because they are both resilient and docile, which means that they can be handled fairly easily. They each have a unique set of spiracles that makes their eponymous hissing noise, and these are activated if the roaches are disturbed. Males also hiss during the courting process. Additionally, they often hiss in unison across an entire colony for no apparent purpose.

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