How Do You Care for Lagotto Romagnolo Puppies?


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Care for Lagotto Romagnolo puppies by socializing them, grooming and bathing them regularly, and providing enough stimulation for them both physically and mentally. Lagotto Romagnolo puppies have a lot of energy, so it's important for them to get enough exercise every day.

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Traditionally, Lagotto Romagnolo dogs were bred in Italy to hunt truffles, so the puppies still have a keen sense of smell and a desire to work and move. Ways to provide a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy with exercise include walking, swimming and playing fetch, as most Lagotto Romagnolo puppies love both the water and searching and retrieving.

Lagotto Romagnolo puppies need socialization and training from a young age. During the first few weeks of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy's life, expose the puppy to as many different kinds of stimuli as possible. This includes introducing the puppy to people of all different sizes and ages, exposing it to various surfaces and materials, and familiarizing it with medical equipment, like wheelchairs and crutches. Since the puppy is seeing everything for the first time, exposing it to lots of different stimuli helps it adjust to the world more easily.

Lagotto Romagnolo puppies need grooming on a weekly basis, as well as regular baths. Make sure the puppy's ears are free of any waxy buildup and keep its toenails to a manageable length.

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