How Do You Care for a Labrador Puppy?

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Several factors are important when caring for a labrador puppy, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, regular visits to the vet and proper grooming. Daily and weekly routines to ensure health are the best way to properly care for a pet labrador puppy

Labradors are a curious breed, and your home must be safe for a labrador puppy. This includes removing sharp objects within a puppy's reach, concealing electrical wiring that the puppy could chew, child-proofing cupboards and drawers that contain potentially harmful objects and fencing any ponds or pools within the puppy's area to prevent drowning.

Labrador puppies should be groomed by brushing occasionally, but they do not require a lot of bathing, as too much bathing depletes the natural waterproofing oils found in their coat. They only need to be bathed 3 to 4 times a year, or when they are particularly dirty or smelly. Most labs need their nails trimmed every 2 to 3 months with proper dog nail clippers, although walking labradors on hard surfaces helps naturally keep their claws short. Ticks and fleas must also be prevented by proper grooming as well as a safe over-the-counter tick and flea prevention medication. Regular visits to the vet and proper vaccinations are also crucial to the health of a labrador puppy.