How Do You Care for a Kitten?

How Do You Care for a Kitten?

The basics of caring for a kitten include providing adequate shelter, food, water, and medical care for your new pet. Your kitten also needs a litter box if the pet is kept indoors.

  1. Gather the essentials

    Before you bring the new kitten home, gather your essential supplies. This includes kitten food, a bowl for food and water, toys and a litter box for indoor cats. You may also get a bed or hiding place for the kitten so it has somewhere to feel secure.

  2. Find a vet

    If your kitten hasn't already seen the vet when you bring the animal home, now is the time to make an appointment. The cat needs to be checked for worms and other illnesses, receive vaccines and be spayed or neutered.

  3. Socialize the kitten

    Kittens can grow into skittish cats if they aren't properly socialized. Pet, cuddle and play with your kitten as often as possible. Live as normal to get the cat used to the noises of your household.

  4. Litter train the kitten

    If your kitten stays indoors, you need to litter train her. Start by placing the litter box somewhere out of the way, and fill it with an unscented litter. Place the new pet in the box so the cat knows where it is. Any time the pet has an accident, place the kitten in the box so it remembers where to go.

  5. Provide stimulation

    Kittens are very playful, so it's a good idea to have cat approved toys for your pet. Offering a scratching post may also keep the cat from scratching your furniture.