Are There Care Issues Specific to Bulldogs?


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Issues related specifically to bulldogs include respiratory problems, stomach bloating, eye conditions and bone and joint problems. Preventive care, by choosing a reputable breeder and taking the bulldog to the veterinarian for frequent checkups, can help the bulldog avoid many health issues.

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Are There Care Issues Specific to Bulldogs?
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Bulldogs are predisposed to respiratory problems due to the breed's typically short face. An owner should exercise the bulldog consistently from an early age, taking care not to overexert the dog. The dog's time in hot environments should be limited, and if the weather is very hot, it should spend most of its time in an air-conditioned area.

Stomach bloating occurs when the bulldog's stomach fills up with air. It is a common issue in the breed because it has a narrow stomach and deep chest. Elevated feeders can prevent bloating because they help the dog swallow less air while eating. Other methods that help prevent bloating are giving the dog multiple smaller meals instead of one large meal, and avoiding exercise in the hours before and after meals.

Eye conditions, such as cherry eye, are common amongst bulldogs. Regular checkups are necessary to diagnose and prevent these conditions.

The breed's build makes it susceptible to bone and joint issues. Low protein dog foods for bulldogs eight weeks of age and older can keep it from growing too quickly, which is hard on the body. Keeping the dog at a healthy weight and monitoring its exertion levels can also prevent these issues.

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