What Are Some Care Instructions for Newly Adopted Baby Parrots?


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Some instructions for taking care of a baby parrot include being patient when learning the proper technique to hand-feed the parrot and practicing a few times before feeding. According to The Parrot University, if a person can feed a human baby, she can feed a parrot baby.

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What Are Some Care Instructions for Newly Adopted Baby Parrots?
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When preparing the baby parrot's food, it is important to read the formula instructions several times and prepare the formula in the same manner and location every time to ensure consistency and cleanliness.

There are several techniques used to feed parrots. Professional breeders prefer to use a very quick syringe that delivers the formula directly to the baby parrot. Breeders with less experience use small cups, spoons and syringes. The safest way to feed a parrot is to use a syringe because it is easy to control the feeding speed and measure how much the parrot eats accurately. It is very important to practice with the syringe or method of choice before attempting to feed the parrot.

The parrot's "feeding response" is when it bobs its head up and down in anticipation of its parent feeding it. Parrots under 6 weeks old tend to have a more noticeable feeding response.

Parrots that are about 5 weeks old may begin to eat some adult parrot foods.

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