How Do You Care for Indoor Cats?


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Caring for indoor cats requires a litter box, a carrier for transport and a collar. Indoor cats require yearly veterinary care as well as food, toys, cat litter and treats.

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How Do You Care for Indoor Cats?
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Adult cats should be given either one large meal per day or two to three smaller meals per day, depending on the cat's preference. Younger cats, from age 6 to 12 weeks, must be fed four meals per day. Good quality, name-brand cat food is preferable to generic brands for the cat's health. Indoor cats must have access to fresh, clean water, and the water must be changed every day. Contrary to popular belief, milk is not good for cats and can cause digestive problems.

Cats rarely need baths as they are good at cleaning themselves. However, cats should be brushed or combed on a regular basis to help keep their coat healthy. Indoor cats also need a soft, comfortable place to sleep and rest. Soft blankets or towels make good cat beds. The bedding must be washed frequently and the cat's resting area kept clean.

The cat's litter box should be in a private, accessible location. In a home with more than one story, keep a litter box on each floor. Once the cat is used to the litter box in a certain place, do not move the litter box to another location unless absolutely necessary.

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