How Do You Take Care of a Horse?

Basic horse care includes feeding the horse and maintaining fresh water for the horse to drink. Provide shelter for the horse and blanketing when the weather turns foul, and check the horse for bruises, cuts and scrapes daily, treating any injuries that arise. For stabled horses, clean out the stall daily and provide clean bedding.

Allow the horse to graze on grass and eat good quality hay or horse feed whenever it wants. A horse may eat up to 4 percent of its body weight in feed or hay each day. Keep fresh, clean water available for the horse all day long so that it can graze as desired, and ensure that the water doesn’t freeze in the winter.

The horse must have room to move about and exercise to avoid physical decline and behavioral issues. When stabling a horse, keep the stable clean by mucking it daily, removing any wet or soiled bedding and replacing it with fresh, unsoiled bedding. Spray the stall with water to wash away any urine or use a stable disinfectant.

Horses also need regular deworming and vaccinations to guard against conditions such as influenza and encephalomyelitis. In addition, the horse's hooves require trimming every eight weeks or so, and its teeth require checking by a veterinarian every six months to stave off dental problems.