How Do You Care for Hedgehogs?


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Care for a hedgehog by purchasing an appropriate habitat that has at least an 8-square-foot surface area, feeding it a high-protein diet and occasionally bathing it. Clean out the cage regularly to prevent illness.

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Purchase a large wire cage measuring at least 4 feet by 2 feet. Lay the solid floor with recycled paper and include a log, tunnel or box in which the hedgehog can hide. Use a multi-level cage for climbing and a litter box to cut down on cage cleaning.

Add a water bottle and two food bowls, the latter of which are for wet and dry food. Use protein-rich dry pet food, supplemented by fruits, vegetables and canned wet food made from real meat. Give the hedgehog an occasional small dog biscuit or other pet treat.

Scoop the litter box every day, remove any uneaten food or other waste products, and clean the food bowls. Clean out the bedding and cage once a week. Occasionally bathe the hedgehog with warm water and a little pet shampoo, and dry him thoroughly. Regularly trim its toenails.

Handle the hedgehog regularly by sliding your hands under its stomach. Give it an empty area in the cage in which to play, and add some tunnels and toys.

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