How Do You Care for a Hairless Chihuahua?

According to NetPets, hairless Chihuahuas require protection from the elements to reduce the risk of hyperthermia and hypothermia. Hairless Chihuahuas should wear sunscreen on hot days, and sweaters keep them warm in the fall and winter months. VetInfo notes that hairless Chihuahuas require bathing every one to two weeks with a mild shampoo, followed by daily application of a hypo-allergenic lotion to prevent their skin from drying out.

NetPets explains that hairless Chihuahuas are more susceptible to dental problems because the gene that is responsible for its lack of hair also causes accelerated tooth wear. Tooth loss over time or teeth missing from birth is a common condition with hairless dogs. In extreme cases, all but the incisors may be absent. This condition also causes the front teeth to point outwards.

According to VetInfo, hairless Chihuahuas are prone to developing skin infections and blackheads that require careful treatment. Extracting blackheads from a dog's skin requires a gentle touch, and it is best to do it with the skin under warm, running water. Post-removal, the owner can treat the dog's skin with a medicated shampoo. Frequent bathing, while gently scrubbing with a bath mitt, helps remove dead skin cells and prevents future outbreaks of blackheads.