How Do You Care for a Green Tiger Barb?


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Caring for a green tiger barb requires a simple process that must be followed throughout the entire life of the fish. In order to care for your green tiger barb, you will need a tank, water and access to different types of fish food.

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  1. Keep the barb in a school

    Make sure you have more than one green tiger barb in your tank at a time. In groups, they are sociable and healthier. When green tiger barbs are left alone in a tank, they become anxious. This anxiety makes them more susceptible to different types of diseases and even death.

  2. Maintain good tank water conditions

    Refill your tank with soft or medium water that is neutral or slightly acidic. Although green tiger barbs can survive outside of these circumstances, preserving these water conditions will ensure a healthier and longer life for the fish. The temperature inside of the tank should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is slightly cooler than what other similar fish require.

  3. Feed the fish a varied diet

    Purchase fish food that offers a large variety of different sources of nutrients. You can also feed the fish larger treats like worms, shrimp and eggplant to keep it healthy.

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