How Do You Care for a Great Dane?

How Do You Care for a Great Dane?

How Do You Care for a Great Dane?

A Great Dane likes spending time with their owner and soon becomes a member of the family. By making sure your Great Dane gets exercise and is fed appropriately, you can ensure his mental and physical well-being.

  1. Ensure regular exercise

    The amount and kind of exercise a Great Dane requires varies with his age and condition. Because of his growing bones, a young Great Dane needs controlled exercise to avoid injury. Once the growth is complete, a Great Dane can handle a greater amount of exercise.

  2. Follow ideal feeding habits

    An adult Great Dane needs to be fed twice a day. Three small meals everyday are better as he ages; a puppy needs food more frequently. Ensure that he doesn't need to bend down while eating because that is bad for digestion and strains the shoulder joints. Provide food at chest height. Don't free feed because that promotes lethargy. He also needs regular access to clean water.

  3. Prevent bloat

    A Great Dane is susceptible to bloat, or gastric torsion. These conditions require immediate attention from a vet. Preventing bloat is essential. Don't feed your Great Dane any soy-based cereal foods or any large meals, and try to prevent eating too quickly. Maintain a gap of at least an hour between meals and exercise. If bloat happens, provide first aid with an antacid and rush to the vet immediately.