How Do You Care for a Goldendoodle Rescue Dog?


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A Goldendoodle is easy to train and care for with gentle reinforcement. Goldendoodles are eager to please, and harsh scolding should not be used as it could damage their confidence.

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A Goldendoodle is intelligent and a perfect dog for the experienced or even the first-time dog owner. The Goldendoodle can be timid and shy, so socialization is highly important. This type of dog has an average energy level and would enjoy a minimum of half an hour of daily exercise, whether walking or playing.

A Goldendoodle can grow to be a large dog, so apartment living is not recommended for this dog. Goldendoodles need room to roam and play. A fenced yard is ideal, but these dogs should not be confined to a kennel or live outdoors. A Goldendoodle eats one to four cups of high-quality food a day on average, divided into multiple meals. The amount depends on the size of the dog and the amount of exercise the dog has daily. Too little exercise combined with too much food increases the chances of having an overweight dog.

Goldendoodles can develop hip dysplasia, which is generally inherited but could also come from malnutrition. Thus, rescue dogs who were previously neglected and underfed should be checked for this condition by a veterinarian.

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