How Do You Care for Goldendoodle Puppies?

To care for a Goldendoodle puppy, provide the puppy with high-quality dog food and fresh water, and begin training the puppy immediately. Brush the puppy daily to encourage good grooming habits, and keep a young puppy in its crate when unsupervised.

Offer the puppy four meals per day, allowing 15 minutes per meal. If the puppy eats all the food offered, provide more, and give the puppy fresh water at each meal time. Remove the food and water after 15 minutes. After the puppy is house trained, leave food and water out for longer periods of time.

Take the puppy for a walk every one to three hours during the first weeks to encourage house training. Do not punish the puppy for accidents. If the puppy continues to have accidents, decrease the amount of time between walks.

Allow the puppy to sleep in a crate that contains a soft towel or blanket, and brush the puppy at least once per day. The puppy should remain in the crate at night, aside from walks, to promote sleeping through the night. Crate a young puppy when unsupervised to prevent accidents or injuries. Provide the Goldendoodle puppy with vaccinations according to the schedule provided by the veterinarian.