How Do You Take Care of a Ferret?


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To take care of a ferret, check that it is neutered or spayed, feed the pet regularly, and make a spacious cage. Ensure the ferret gets supplements, if needed, and regular bathing.

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  1. Choose the right ferret

    Ensure that a ferret is neutered or spayed before you purchase it. Neutering male ferrets makes them less aggressive and less territorial, and you should also have your ferret vaccinated for canine distemper and rabies.

  2. Feed the pet regularly

    Feed your pet with specialty ferret food, which is low in fiber and high in protein.You can also feed your pet quality kitten or cat food. Ferrets naturally eat several times a day, so make food and water available at all times. Dry pellet feed is ideal as it does not go bad.

  3. Make a spacious pet cage

    Make your ferret a spacious wire cage where the animal can move around freely. Place the cage in a cool, dry area of the residence and away from direct sunlight. Keep the cage clean, and install a litter box.

  4. Give supplements if necessary

    Pets fed on a good diet of ferret specialty food or cat food rarely need supplements. However, ferrets in colder parts of the country require supplements to help them add fat during the winter months.

  5. Bathe your ferret

    Wash your pet once or twice a month; no more, no less. Doing so more often will wash away the animal's natural oils that protect the skin and to do so less often will cause that oil to build up and it does have a staunch odor. Purchase a ferret shampoo available at pet stores.

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