How Do You Take Care of Fat Pugs?

How Do You Take Care of Fat Pugs?

To care for an overweight pug, the Pug Owner Guide suggests you first determine the dog's ideal weight Next, calculate how many calories the dog needs to maintain that weight, and subtract a portion of calories each day until your pug reaches the desired weight.

  1. Determine how much your pug should weigh

    You can decide if your pug needs to lose weight in one of two ways: by checking standard weight guides or by examining him visually. A standard adult pug weighs 14 to 18 pounds, with males being slightly heavier than females. A healthy pug has an hourglass figure with a slightly indented waistline. If the pug's body is rectangular, it needs to slim down.

  2. Calculate his calorie needs

    A cup of kibbles contains about 700 calories, according to the Pug Owner Guide, and an 18-pound pug needs about 700 calories daily. Start the pug on a diet by reducing its daily food intake to 60 to 70 percent of maintenance. Dog foods vary in caloric content and nutrition, so read the labels and adjust feedings accordingly.

  3. Increase exercise

    Active dogs burn off more calories than dogs who get minimal exercise. In addition to decreasing food intake, you can reduce your dog's weight by increasing his exercise regimen, according to Pet Care RX.