How Do You Care for an F1 Savannah Cat?

How Do You Care for an F1 Savannah Cat?

The F1 Savannah cat requires space to roam and a special diet, and it does not like to be held. Paying attention to the Savannah's moods and tendencies ensures a lasting bond.

  1. Prepare the outdoor living space

    The F1 Savannah cat is just one generation removed from its wild ancestor, the African Serval cat. These cats have tremendous energy levels, and they need space to run around and jump. An outdoor area with fencing and high cat walks are ideal for this breed.

  2. Provide a diet high in protein

    Replicate the diet of a wild cat by purchasing cat food with protein as the first ingredient. Another key element of the Savannah's diet is taurine, an essential amino acid. A homemade raw mixture is a good treat for the Savannah and can be prepared with raw chicken legs, thighs, gizzards or liver.

  3. Socialize the Savannah with people and other pets

    Early socialization with other pets and humans is an important for living in harmony with this wild cat. The Savannah loves to play, but it does not like being held. The Savannah cat is vocal and loves to chirp, so be sure to talk back to the Savannah to encourage social behaviors.