How Do You Care for English Cream Dachshund Puppies?


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The first step in caring for any puppy is to find a good vet as soon as possible. The puppy needs immunizations and a check-up. The vet can recommend an appropriate puppy chow. When young, a puppy needs four small meals a day, dropping to three meals at 3 months of age. By the time the puppy is a year old, it should be fed every morning and evening.

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Housebreaking a puppy requires time and perseverance. The puppy needs to be taken out every morning, after eating and drinking, when he wakes up from a nap, during and after play time and right before bed. Praise the puppy when he eliminates outside. Do not punish for accidents in the house. Always reward good behavior with small treats or petting and praise. Discipline should be limited to a firm "No." Puppies can start formal training at 4 months of age. To prevent behavior problems, be sure to expose the puppy to other people and dogs.

English cream dachshund puppies are gentle, playful and easy to care for and train. If an English cream dachshund puppy is given considerable attention, consistent training, praise and patience it will grow into a

loving, obedient pet.

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