How Do You Care for English Bulldogs?


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To care for an English bulldog, feed it regularly in the morning and at night, give it light exercise about once a day and clean its face daily to prevent dermatitis of the fold. Scheduling regular vet appointments and providing the dog with a comfortable place to sleep is also crucial.

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Giving proper care is necessary for adequate development of an English bulldog. Like other puppies, it should receive love and cuddling, plenty of sleep, and quality, nutritious food. Sometimes the breeder provides the necessary care information and routine for the dog; if this is the case, his specifications should be followed. Vet visits are important, especially if the dog is young. However, regardless of age, the bulldog should have an appointment scheduled within the first week of obtaining it.

English bulldogs prefer a temperature-controlled environment. Because they overheat much faster than other dogs, any environment that is over 80 degrees can be damaging to them. When it comes to sleeping, the bulldog's bed doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be comfortable. Placing a cotton rug or blanket in the dog's crate is a good idea. Additionally, an English bulldog's food should promote muscle, bone and joint growth.

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