How do you take care of the emperor scorpion?


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Emperor scorpions must be housed in a suitable terrarium and fed a moderate amount of nutritious food. To avoid infestations of mites, their environment must be kept clean. They should not be handled too often because handling causes them stress.

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The best habitat for a pet emperor scorpion is a glass terrarium. For one scorpion, a 10-gallon tank is large enough, but for a group, the tank should be 20 to 30 gallons. It should have a secure lid to prevent escape. A 3- to 6-inch damp substrate of sand, peat moss or vermiculite enables the scorpion to dig burrows. Pieces of pottery, bark and stones provide hiding places. Daily misting keeps the environment humid, but too much misting causes mold. Optimum temperature is 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The primary food for captive emperor scorpions is crickets. These should be occasionally dusted with vitamin and mineral supplements. For variation, they can also be fed mealworms, moths and small mice. Because they are nocturnal hunters, they should be fed at night. All uneaten food should be removed from the cage the day after feeding.

Despite their formidable size, compared to other scorpion species, the venom of emperors is mild. For most people, it causes no more irritation than a bee sting. Because they are reluctant to sting, it is generally safe to hold emperor scorpions in the palm of the hand. However, as they are easily stressed, the best way to move them is with padded forceps.

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