How Do You Care for a Dog?


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To care for a dog, feed it, exercise it and provide adequate housing. Specifics regarding many of these needs, especially feeding and exercise, vary according to the size of the dog.

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  1. Feed the dog every day

    Puppies that are three to six months old should be fed specialized puppy food three times a day. Once they reach the age of six months, it is okay to switch to two meals a day. At one year of age, one meal a day is usually enough unless it is a large breed.

  2. Give the dog exercise

    If the dog is an adolescent, ranging from six to 18 months, and is an active breed, it requires large amounts of exercise each day. Take long walks with the dog if there is not enough space in the yard for it to run around. As dogs get older, their exercise needs decrease but do not diminish completely.

  3. Provide shelter

    The dog needs a place to rest in a warm and comfortable environment. A dog bed or a training crate works nicely. Use blankets or pillows for the bedding, and clean them regularly. Make sure there is shelter outdoors for the dog if it spends a lot of time outside.

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