How do you care for a Dachshund and pit bull mix?


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A Dachshund-pit bull mix, also called a Dox-Bull, is a relatively hardy dog requiring the general care that all dogs need. These dogs should be fed a healthy diet, groomed weekly and walked regularly.

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Dox-Bulls show characteristics of both breeds. They are lovable like Dachshunds and protective like pit bulls. Their body is long, and they have short legs like a Dachshund. However, their heads generally have a spade shape like a pit bull. Their coats are short and require weekly brushing and occasional washing. However, some Dox-Bulls have the long ears of Dachshunds and need weekly cleaning.

With their long bodies, Dox-Bulls can fall prey to the spinal problems characteristic of purebred Dachshunds. Intervertebral disk disease causes herniated disks in the lower back of long dogs, and this can lead to eventual paralysis. To avoid this complication in Dox-Bulls, owners should try to minimize jumping and other activities that can aggravate the area. It is also important that a Dox-Bull's weight remains within the normal range, which is no more than 25 pounds, as added weight can also aggravate the spinal condition.

Due to the pit bull heredity, it is also very important to socialize Dox-Bulls early and well. As puppies, they need to be introduced to numerous people, dogs and other animals, and the interactions should be positive. They also respond well to reward-based training.

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