How Do You Care for Cylinder Fish Tanks?


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Regular maintenance of fish tanks is required in order to keep fish living in ideal conditions. This is true for all types of tanks, including cylinder tanks. Maintenance should include aquarium cycling, water testing and proper water care and filtration. According to Petsmart, each of these plays a vital role in ensuring that the fish living in the aquarium stay healthy and happy.

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How Do You Care for Cylinder Fish Tanks?
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An aquarium is a balanced ecosystem that relies on the nitrogen cycle. The nitrogen cycle takes roughly four to six weeks to complete and helps generate "good" bacteria that is necessary for an aquarium. In order to properly cycle, the aquarium should run for at least a day before adding fish. Initially, only fish that are hardier and can withstand levels of ammonia and nitrate should be added. Examples of such fish include danios, gouramis or livebearers.

The aquarium water should also be tested regularly. When testing the water, it is important to monitor pH levels, chlorine content, ammonia, nitrates, hardness and alkalinity. Water temperature should be checked daily, and 10 percent of the water should be replaced weekly with dechlorinated water. The aquarium should also be scrubbed regularly to eliminate any algae. Filter maintenance and a 25 percent water replacement should be performed once per month, and any decorations should be cleaned as needed.

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