How Do You Care for a Cockatiel?


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The basics requirements for cockatiel care include the provision of a varied diet, water, exercise, a clean living area and companionship. Because cockatiels live up to 25 years, caring for the birds requires patience and commitment. A proper diet for a cockatiel includes fresh fruits and vegetables, bird food and seeds. Because the birds sleep up to 12 hours a day and are afraid of loud noises, they need a quiet living space.

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How Do You Care for a Cockatiel?
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Cockatiels require a clean cage or other living space. The birds tend to be dusty, which can aggravate allergies or asthma in some people if cleaning does not occur regularly. As shifts in temperature of more than 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit in 24 hours can cause illness, cages should not be placed in drafty areas.

A varied diet may include moderate amounts of breads, eggs and meat. These and other treats are useful for training cockatiels to perform various tricks and tasks. To avoid aggressive behavior, training through positive reinforcement is best.

Cockatiels are intelligent, inquisitive and need mental stimulation through play with toys and puzzles. They enjoy toys that they can move, pull apart and chew on. Cockatiels are social birds that endure stress without adequate companionship from either human caregivers or fellow birds. The optimal time to introduce multiple cockatiels is when they are young.

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