How Do You Care for a Clown Knifefish?


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A clown knifefish requires a tank of approximately 200 gallons, water that has been properly conditioned, a solid diet of either live food or fortified pellets and regular water tests with adjustments. The fish should sustain minimal changes that might cause shock in order to maintain proper health, according to Animal-World.

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The clown knifefish can grow to be up to 20 inches in captivity, explaining a need for a tank that is optimally 200 gallons or larger. The fish are not specifically aggressive, but they are carnivores. Keeping this fish well-fed is vital to its happiness and good health. Since the clown knifefish doesn't have scales, it is extremely sensitive to changes in the chemical balance of the water in which it lives. For this reason, it is essential that regular water changes be conducted with a 30 to 50 percent change-out on a weekly basis. Since clown knifefish are nocturnal, it is important that the tank has hiding places for daytime. Clown knifefish are from slow-moving rivers and lakes, according to Animal-World. Setting up a tank that offers a similar habitat is an excellent way to provide the clown knifefish with a home in which the fish can thrive.

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