How Do You Care for a Blue-Tongued Skink?


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Care for a blue-tongued skink by providing it with a suitably large habitat, such as a 40-gallon “breeder” aquarium or similar-sized plastic cage. Young lizards can be housed in smaller enclosures, such as a 20-gallon aquarium. In both cases, use a screened lid to keep the lizard from escaping. Place a layer of cypress mulch, commercial reptile bedding or newspaper on the floor of the cage.

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Provide the blue-tongued skink with a thermal gradient so that the lizard can adjust its temperature throughout the day; this is done by placing a heating mat or a heat lamp at one end of the enclosure. Ideally, the temperature is in the high 90s on the warm side of the cage, while the temperatures at the cool end of the habitat are in the high 70s. Additionally, provide the lizard with UVB-producing, full-spectrum fluorescent lights. Leave the lights on for about 12 hours each day.

Give the lizard access to a small water dish at all times. Blue-tongued skinks are omnivores that require crickets, cockroaches and other live prey as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Feed juveniles every other day, but adults can be fed twice per week.

Clean the cage regularly, removing any uneaten food, shed skin, feces or urates as necessary. Wash the water bowl regularly as well.

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