How Do You Care for Blue Ram Cichlids?


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Blue ram cichlids require 20 gallons of water per fish. The tank needs to be heavily planted with aquatic vegetation and the nitrate levels need to be kept low. The water should be soft and acidic with a pH of 5.0 and a temperature around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The fish are omnivores and accept a wide range of prepared fish foods, says Aquaticcommunity.

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Blue ram cichlids are a species of dwarf cichlid. They have a variety of names in English, including German blue ram, butterfly or golden cichlid. They are not recommended for beginner fish-keepers because they are very sensitive to water conditions. Organic waste and nitrate levels need to be kept low. The fish prefer very acidic water, which can be difficult to achieve. Adding peat moss to the water may be necessary. The fish also prefer still water, so vigorous aeration and filtration systems should be avoided.

Although blue rams don't do well on their own, they also don't do well with many other species of fish. Any aggressive or highly energetic fish tends to drive the rams away from the food sources. Peaceful fish are the best choice. Other dwarf cichlids should not be kept with rams.

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