How Do You Care for Blue Pit Bull Puppies?

How Do You Care for Blue Pit Bull Puppies?

Care for pit bull puppies by providing them with food, water and exercise multiple times per day. Supervise the puppies at all times and place them in kennels at night and when you aren't around to supervise them.

Since the only difference between blue pit bulls and other pit bulls is the coat color, care instructions are the same.

The number of meals a puppy receives varies based on its age. Feed puppies between eight and 12 weeks of age three times per day, and puppies between 13 weeks and eight months twice per day. Feed the puppies on a set schedule, as this makes it easier to potty train them. At meal time, remove the puppy's bowl when it's finished eating. If it doesn't eat within 20 minutes, remove the food bowl.

Although you can top the puppy's water off, dump it out completely and refill it at least one per day to keep it clean.

Pit bulls have a high energy level and need approximately one hour of exercise per day. Keep puppies on a long leash whenever they're outside their kennels. This teaches them obedience and gets them used to the leash.

At least once per day, spend time giving the puppies affection. While you must establish rules so the puppies are obedient and respect you as a leader, they also need love and attention.