How Do You Care for Baby Quails?

Caring for baby quails involves giving them warmth, food and water. Heat can come from a lamp or a heating pad. Quails eat bird feed and like to drink from founts.

According to, creating a brooder box with a lamp is a good way to keep quail chicks warm. The brooder box consists of a covered box with a screen lid through which the lamp shines. The first week after the quails are born, the temperature inside the box should be 95 degrees, which decreases by five degrees every week until the quails are fully feathered. An aquarium thermometer works to gauge the temperature. suggests using a reflector shield for distribution of warmth in larger boxes. The light should be no closer than 18 inches from the floor. Watch for piling behavior, in which the chicks amass in one section, to ascertain clues about the temperature. If they pile under the lamp in a tight ball, they are cold. If they create a wide circle, they are too hot. If they pile in one corner, there is a draft. At night, a smaller light or heating pad on low is sufficient to keep them warm.

For food, gamebird starter is optimum, as seeds are hard for baby quails to eat. They like fresh water from founts, but the bowl needs clean marbles or gravel to prevent the chicks from climbing in the water and either drowning or getting a chill.