How Do You Care for a Baby Parakeet?

To care for a baby parakeet, touch the chick as little as possible. Always handle the chick with sanitized or clean hands. Parakeet eggs hatch every other day, so remove empty egg shells as the eggs are vacated. Adult parakeets require extra nutrition during the duration they are caring for a baby parakeet. Cover the baby parakeet’s nest during the night, and allow for adequate amounts of light during the day.

The smallest chicks require the most attention to ensure they are being fed. If a chick is not being fed, hand feed it with baby bird formula designed for parakeets using a syringe. Younger baby parakeets feed up to five times a day, while older chicks only need to be fed twice a day. The front of a parakeet’s neck is called the crop; observe each parakeet’s crop to ensure it is plump after feeding.

Periodically check a chick’s upper beak for food, as bacteria may easily develop. Consult a veterinarian if the baby parakeet’s legs extend outward from the hips. This condition, referred to as splayed legs, results from inadequate bedding or a dietary imbalance and can be corrected if discovered early.

Clean the nesting box weekly, especially as the chicks begin to feather. Place the chicks in a warm area lined with soft paper towels as the box is cleaned. Remove chicks that have passed away immediately to limit bacteria and disease.