How Do You Care for a Baby Lizard?

When baby lizards hatch from their eggs, they can typically take care of themselves without the need for nurturing or help from their mothers. However, when keeping lizards as pets, their needs can vary greatly depending on their breed. For example, different lizards eat different types of foods, such as fruits, insects and small mammals.

Since there are over 4,675 different lizard species, each with different habitats, physical capabilities and features and food requirements, it is important to customize a habitat and diet specifically for the baby lizard species.

Aside from the two venomous lizard species, the Gila monster and the Mexican bearded lizard, most lizards eat insects like crickets, worms and meat products, while others consume mostly fruits, leaves and other vegetation. Therefore, it is important to provide a baby lizard with these food sources in order to foster good growth into adulthood.

Regarding habitat, lizards inhabit different environments and home types based on the species. For example, marine iguanas spend the majority of their lives underwater. Ground geckos live in dessert environments and spend the majority of the day beneath rocks and other shaded areas. Therefore, depending on the breed, it is necessary to provide a synthetic habitat that is similar to their natural habitat.