How Do You Care for Baby Hedgehogs?


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When caring for baby hedgehogs, make sure that they're warm. Rescuers recommend a temperature of around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Feed them every hour or so at first. Do not feed them with cow milk; instead, use a substitute, such as Esbilac. To help hoglets with toileting, use a cotton bud covered in almond oil to tickle around the genital area quickly.

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How Do You Care for Baby Hedgehogs?
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When it comes to feeding, Esbilac is a great substitute for a hedgehog mom's milk because it contains the minerals, fats and vitamins the babies need. When feeding, ensure that the hedgehog is on its feet. Use a syringe, and avoid overfeeding. Some baby hedgehogs can drink a milliliter at one time, while others can only have 0.2 milliliters. Baby hedgehogs should eat no more than 25 percent of their body weight over the course of the day. Once you get it into a routine, feed it 1 to 2 milliliter every two hours. Once the baby is between 3 days and 1 week old, feed it every three hours. Slowly increase the amount as the baby gets older.

If the hoglet refuses to eat, gently toilet it first. Don't toilet it too many times a day; two to three times are normally enough.

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