How Do You Care for Baby Border Bollies?


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Caring for a baby border collie includes safely and comfortably transporting the puppy to its new home, feeding it properly, house training it, getting it needed medical care and teaching it good behavior. Caring for a border collie puppy begins with the journey home, which is one of the most stressful times in the dog's life.

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The puppy should be transported in a travel crate or ventilated box with an old rug in the bottom to keep the puppy from sliding around during the ride. The puppy should be given plenty of water, especially if the weather is hot. It's best not to stop along the way so that the first stop is the puppy's new home.

The breeder provides information on appropriate food for the puppy. Any changes to its diet should be made gradually so the puppy's stomach is not upset. The puppy should be trained to toilet outside by taking it directly outside from its crate as soon as it awakes from a nap and providing praise at appropriate times. The puppy should be trained to come when called. The puppy should never be punished when it comes to the owner, even if it misbehaves before coming. Until the puppy knows its name, the owner should choose a standard phrase to use when calling the puppy.

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