How Do You Care for a Baby Akita?


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Caring for an Akita puppy requires feeding, exercise, play, affection and training. Akitas have a bold, loyal and dominant attitude, which makes starting a puppy on the right path essential.

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How Do You Care for a Baby Akita?
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Feeding an Akita puppy is crucial for growth and development. A puppy food is required to give the dog the proper balance of protein, vitamins, minerals and fat needed to thrive. The amount of food given varies depending on the puppy's individual needs. Because Akitas grow quickly, a lower calorie food is needed to prevent them from growing too rapidly.

Akita puppies need plenty of exercise and play time to burn off their energy. They are active dogs, and proper exercise prevents destructive behaviors. Akitas enjoy "mouthing," which involves putting various things in their mouths. They carry things in their mouths and can be taught to play fetch games.

Because Akitas are a loyal companion breed, they thrive on affection. Akita pups are not happy when left in a kennel alone all day. A puppy wants to be with the family, playing and bonding. Some dogs follow their owners from room to room simply because they want to be near their owners.

Finally, training is a requirement for Akita puppies. An experienced trainer can help establish the owner's dominance over the puppy, but because of the way Akitas bond, the owner should train the puppy. Training Akita puppies can take longer than other dogs because of their stubborn personalities.

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