How Do You Take Care of Aquarium Fish?

How Do You Take Care of Aquarium Fish?

Taking care of aquarium fish entails weekly and monthly water changes, water quality tests, real and artificial plant and accessory cleaning, filter maintenance and scrubbing to prevent algae buildup over time. There are overlapping weekly and monthly duties, which must be performed in order to keep an aquarium running smoothly as a safe environment for fish and other pets to live.

Air stones can help keep pumps operational and improve the oxygen flow in an aquarium tank. They need to be checked and replaced on a regular basis.

  1. Conduct weekly chores
  2. On a weekly basis, change out 10 percent of the tank's water and replace it with dechlorinated water. It is also necessary to perform a scrub to remove algae and test water conditions for pH levels, chlorine, ammonia and other substances to make sure the tank is a hospitable environment.

  3. Conduct monthly chores
  4. Monthly tank maintenance includes a more extensive 25 percent water replacement. Filter maintenance is also important to keep the tank's oxygen content up, as is pruning or trimming live plants and scrubbing artificial ones.

  5. Keep a water test log
  6. Log all water test results. This can help identify recurring problems and get a better idea of how well the aquarium is functioning.