How Do You Care for Aquarium Catfish?


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To care for aquarium catfish, hobbyists should provide them with adequate edible materials and line the bottom of the tank with soft substrates and hiding places. By treating sickly catfish and cleaning the aquarium, individuals prevent the spread of infections. Hobbyists should avoid stirring up their aquariums excessively while cleaning to avoid contaminating the water column with decaying matter, which may spawn bacterial infections in the fish.

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Individuals should ensure they provide catfish with sufficient nutrients and supplements intended for their fish. They should also consider feeding catfish at night since they tend to be nocturnal, which discourages other fish from consuming their food. As bottom-dwelling fish, catfish need a soft substrate such as smooth gravel and hiding places. A person should consider placing pieces of bogwood at the bottom of the aquarium, which offer shelter and provide a chewing surface to condition the fish’s mouthparts.

Hobbyist should take into consideration the number of catfish in their aquariums to avoid overstocking, which taxes the loading capacity of their tanks. They should also keep an eye on the catfish for signs of illness, which may include patches around their mouths, and provide immediate treatment. Treatment of sickly catfish involves placing them in a quarantine tank to avoid harming the rest of the fish in the aquarium because they tend to be susceptible to the effects of medication.

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