How Do You Care for an Abandoned 2 Week Old Puppy?


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A very young, orphaned puppy requires specific care. A 2 week old puppy is capable of moving around on its own and a little bit of playing, but its eyes have only recently opened and it is still reliant on its mother's milk. The owner must step into a motherly role while caring for the abandoned puppy and keep it on a consistent feeding schedule.

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By employing a few simple strategies, an owner increases the chance that his young puppy will grow and develop normally. Proper nutrition during the puppy's first few weeks of life strengthens its chances of a healthy adulthood. An abandoned puppy needs to be fed a milk replacement formula every 6 hours until it is full. Depending on the puppy's size, the owner can use an eyedropper or a bottle with an appropriately-sized nipple.

The puppy's sleeping quarters need a temperature around 80 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. The owner can create a safe and secure place for the puppy to sleep by building a cardboard nesting box. Lining the box with newspaper or training pads softens the box's floor, and they are easily replaced when the puppy relieves itself. Adding a small heating pad or hot water bottle is another way to keep the puppy's nesting box warm and cozy.

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