Do Capuchin Monkeys Make Good Pets?

capuchin-monkeys-make-good-pets Credit: Mint images - Norah Levine/Mint images/Getty Images

Capuchin monkeys do not typically make good pets. Despite their social nature and high intelligence, Capuchin monkeys present many unique problems to pet owners. One such obstacle is the lack of a natural habitat for a type of monkey that prefers to swing from trees.

These monkeys, native to Central and South America, are capable of spreading diseases to their owners, such as hepatitis. The little animals, who grow to about 4 pounds, also catch illnesses from humans. Many pet Capuchin monkeys become diabetic due to the adapted diet they consume. They must wear diapers for sanitary purposes, and the expense is significant, given the animal's lifespan of up to 40 years. The monkeys do bite on occasion, and the results are sometimes serious.