What Are Some Canine Dementia Symptoms?

Canine dementia symptoms include standing on the wrong side of the door, pacing, loss of house training and not meeting family members at the door as usual, according to About.com. Other signs of dementia in dogs include barking for no reason, loss of appetite and sleep irregularities.

One of the most common complaints of owners who have dogs with canine dementia is that the dog may stand on the wrong side of the door to leave, explains About.com. The dog may also stand with its head in a corner and act confused. A dog with this condition may also pace or show signs of anxiousness. A dog with canine dementia may also forget its house training and use the bathroom in the house.

Dogs with canine dementia may stop seeking out companionship from humans, notes About.com. These dogs may also bark for no apparent reason, which may be due to no longer recognizing family members and being confused. These dogs may also lose interest in food or seem to forget to eat, and they often have sleep irregularities. People who believe their pet may be suffering from canine dementia should talk to a vet about the dog's behavior so that a treatment plan can be established.