What Are Some Canadian Goose Facts?


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Canada geese inhabit lakes, ponds and other bodies of water throughout the continental United States and most of Canada. They are 30 to 43 inches long, weigh 6.6 to 19.8 pounds and have a wingspan of about 4 to 5.6 feet. They live up to 24 years in the wild.

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What Are Some Canadian Goose Facts?
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There are several subspecies of Canada geese, including the Atlantic, Hudson Bay, Giant and Dusky. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between subspecies; some varieties are slightly darker or smaller than others.

Canada geese are seasonal birds in the far northern and southern parts of their range, going from the former to the latter during the winter season. During migration, the birds fly in a V-shaped formation.

The species nests on the ground and, when available, in a slightly elevated area that allows visual contact with the surrounding land. Grass, other plant material, feathers and down form the base into which a female lays two to eight eggs.The male mate guards the nest from intruders. Canada geese communicate through both sounds, such as honking and hissing, as well as by physical signs, such as pumping the head.

Canada geese are a common species and are a species of least concern. Many people consider them to be a pest, as they frequent golf courses, airports and other areas of human congregation.

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