How Can You Find Yellow Lab Puppies? and have classified listings for Labrador retriever puppies for sale, but neither website allows users to search by color. allows users to specify breed, size, upkeep and purpose. allows users to search by age, gender and size. Other household members that the puppy will live with may also be specified.

The American Kennel Club lists Labrador retriever breeders on its website. The website lists the contact name, location, date of birth for the litter, number of male puppies and number of female puppies. Clicking on the breeder's contact information provides more details about the breeder and the litter, such as if the breeder provides buyers with AKC registration applications, if they perform health screens, and if the breeder will take the puppy back if the buyer cannot keep it.

The American Kennel Club lists questions for buyers to ask breeders when purchasing a puppy. These include inquiring about any potential health problems, the dog's expected size at maturity, the amount of exercise the dog requires and the best training methods for the breed. Buyers may also ask questions about the dog's temperament, including the age when the dog will behave like an adult, if the dog gets along with other animals, and the dog's protective instincts.