How Can We Help White Tigers?

The best way for people to help white tigers, which are simply a pigmentation variant of the Bengal tiger, is to support groups that protect tigers in general. One such group is the World Wildlife Fund.

The WWF protects all tigers, including white tigers, by protecting their natural habitat. This group also monitors the tigers and their prey. By monitoring prey, the WWF can make sure that tigers in any given region are able to find food. The WWF also helps governments respect tigers and their habitats. This is often done by linking forest preservation with tiger conservation.

Although white tigers are often mistaken for a special type of tiger, they are simply Bengal tigers. The white coloring of these tigers comes from a lack of pheomelanin pigment. This is the same pigment that gives Bengal tigers their orange coloring. The lack of this pigment makes these tigers easy to spot and hunt in the wild.

Compared to orange Bengal tigers, the white variant tends to be slightly bigger at birth. As a result, white tigers usually grow slightly heavier and faster than their orange counterparts. Much like zebras, the stripes on a tiger, white or orange, are like fingerprints. No two tigers have the same stripe pattern.